What started it all....Stupid SNOW!

This is where it all started...I didn't get my motorcycles put away before the first snow storm of the season in 2007. We were out shovelling and I took a look at the motorcycles and said..."Stupid Snow!" We took some pictures and created this site for all to contribute and enjoy.
As a family, we like snow. Great for tobogganing, skiing, snowboarding and snowball fights. So here it is...


Pass along this Website and watch it SNOWBALL !!!!
Send Your Pictures to Pictures@StupidSnow.com
Start at the beginning... Snow Door in Newfoundland from Lesley S. Icebergs in Newfoundland from Lesley S. Frozen Leaf in China.
The Beginning...

NL Snow Door

NL Icebergs China Ice Leaf
Snow Packed window Summer Swing Shovel and tall snow snow banks around Spa
Snow packed window Summer Swing Tall Snow Banks Hot tub and snow
YouTube Video of The Smokin' Macarena by 4 kids      
Smokin' Macarena Video